Djette Life

Music, my alter ego, is an incredible sensation vector that can sublimate all emotions.

This is one of the reasons that led me, more than 20 years ago, to go behind turntables ...

My library is unclassifiable, she has eaten all the gigas of my hard drive.

Instinctive and receptive, I play my songs without programming, by simple Feeling,

to better feel the energy of the moment ...


From jazz notes by John Coltrane, KittyDaisy & Lewis rockabilly kitschisimeson,

breathtaking live acts of "Mr." Gil Scott Heron, to Super Flu electro deep,

Purple Disco Machine's discohouse,

I'm invigorating hours and hours of notes each day, with the same passion, always intact and immense, as if it flowed in me, in my veins, to slip towards others.