Born in the 70'

Since childhood with a bohemian mind ...




Self-taught 40 years old so long revolted, but carried away with passion her Life.


Trained atypical, without academic support, just guided by Envy, Places and Loves. From a hill called Croix-Rousse to the United States, from Mexico to the West Indies before flying to Polynesia.

Detours in Barcelona, ​​Bangkok, Ubud and Saly.

Experiences to Learn for ten years.

A French restaurant in Key West, RP in Miami, Lady pee in London, "Disc Maker" all round, a Concept store and a bar in Lyon ... To return home!

Until the accident of the road, dramas and the bankruptcy.

Then she started to write her first book "MONOPOLY", but still sleeping in her computer.

Now devotes most of her time to photography while seeking to make "art" from everyday life and the ordinary.

Desires that jostle, dreams and several artistic projects in progress.