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Passionate Djette & Photographer

Born in the 70'with a bohemian mind.

I am a 45 years old self taught woman, living my life  with passion.

It is very difficult for me to speak about me! Also because I have a completely atypical professional background.
I spent half of my life traveling and opening restaurant/ bar/ galery & concept store between the US, Mexico and France.


Now I devote most of my time to  photography, seeking to make "art" from everyday life and women’s naked body.

Desires that jostle, dreams and several artistic projects in progress.



Music, my alter ego, is an incredible sensation vector that can sublimate all emotions.
This is one of the reasons that led me, more than 25 years ago, to go behind turntables ...

Instinctive and receptive, I play my songs by simple Feeling.
I'm invigorated hours and hours of notes each day, with the same passion,
always intact and huge, as if it flowed in me, in my veins, to slip towards others.

I have been playing as a Dj almost everywhere in Europe, for many private and corporate parties
also for bars, beaches and clubs in Paris, Megève, Geneva, St Tropez, Cannes, London, Oslo....





Sensitive about everything that could give you goosbumps

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